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Shiny Hood is a leading cleaning company that specializes in exhaust hoods and grease-containment, staffed by local hood cleaning experts who operate in Cincinnati, OH. We offer quality kitchen cleaning services and rooftop grease containment. 


We have been helping restaurant owners secure bacteria-free and fire-safe kitchens for years. There are many Cincinnati companies you can choose from, but several factors make Shiny Hood the best in the field.

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  • Streamlined yet comprehensive restaurant cleaning process.
  • Excellent customer experience.
  • Trained local hood cleaners and technicians.


Cleaning and maintaining the restaurant, kitchen, and its appliances are not simple tasks. A professional Cincinnati, OH cleaning team, should be entrusted to ensure that your restaurant operates at its highest efficiency.. Let Shiny Hood handle your cleaning needs. 


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    Our Range of Restaurant and Hood Cleaning Services

    Cooking is essential to operate restaurants. That is why Shiny Hood is in the business of helping restaurant owners maintain a pristine kitchen and squeaky clean appliances. The cleaning services we offer involve the following treatments:

    • Restaurant cleaning.
    • Kitchen exhaust system cleaning.
    • Rooftop grease containment.
    • Exhaust hood cleaning.
    • Hood filter cleaning.

    No one likes a dirty kitchen, and we are the Cincinnati hood cleaners you can trust with your best interest in mind. For this reason, we offer only efficient and cost-effective restaurant and exhaust hood system cleaning.

    About Us: Why Choose Shiny Hood to Clean Your Cincinnati Restaurant


    While there are many Cincinnati cleaning companies, Shiny Hood offers top-notch customer service. All our kitchen hood cleaners are trained to become experts in what they do. Our crew will treat your restaurant with respect and will leave no mess behind. Whether you choose to stay or leave during the cleaning process, you can rest assured we will handle your kitchen like it is our own. 


    Our mission is to help restaurant owners face their kitchen cleaning challenges. We tackle filthy appliances, thick grease on the kitchen hood filters, and hard-to-remove spills and splatters using the kitchen cleaning best practices we have developed over the years.


    Shiny Hood will not let your work environment become a potential risk for hazards and injuries.


    Cincinnati Hood Cleaning and Restaurant Sanitizing You Need


    Are you looking for great Cincinnati commercial kitchen cleaning services or have a request for regular cleaning and maintenance of your restaurant’s kitchen?

    We would like to earn your business and guarantee your restaurant’s safety and cleanliness for your employees and customers.

    Shiny Hood was built out of a passion for a safe and clean restaurant kitchen and a restaurant where people can work and customers can enjoy their food. 

    We have a great team of local, qualified cleaners and technicians ready to handle any cleaning tasks. And we can also provide emergency cleaning services where necessary.

    Once we have a cleaning schedule, we will quickly inspect your premises. And then, we will plan the best kitchen cleaning strategy for your situation.

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    Our fantastic cleaning crew is here to help. Following local regulations and proper procedures is how we conduct our cleaning solutions. 


    • We have the necessary tools and kitchen cleaning equipment.
    • We have local experts in hood cleaning.
    • We offer fair pricing for cleaning and maintenance work.


    Call Shiny Hood today and discuss your requirements with our representative. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can give insights and provide a free hood cleaning estimate.


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