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For many people, cleaning the hood filter is not top priority. But, regular cleaning or replacement of the restaurant hood filter is crucial to maintain a safe to use kitchen exhaust hood system. Not cleaning the hood filter can be detrimental not just to the exhaust and vents, but to the entire kitchen area.


Shiny Hood is here to rescue you from the mess of not taking the hood filter seriously. We will certainly serve you with superior solutions and the finest hood filter service price in the area.

The Safety Of Your Indoor Air Is Important

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Vent hood filters get clogged over time. The grease will quickly cover the filter and when left unwashed, the oil and debris will thicken and become harder to eliminate. Furthermore, the more grease lingering in and around the kitchen exhaust, the more grease, and food particles it will attract. As a result, the functionality of the system will be affected, making it ineffective in ejecting polluted air.

Among the very best means to keep clean air in the kitchen area is cleaning the vent hood filters on a regular basis, especially in a hectic kitchen producing a high volume of food preparation. Thankfully, there are local cleaning companies that clean or replace the vent hood filter when necessary.

Not only does Shiny Hood establish the best approach for cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment or appliances, but we are known to:

  • Clean the hood filters on site quickly
  • Replace the vent hood filters when necessary
  • Ensure that the hood filters are working properly

Whether you are frying chicken or cooking fish, your safety from breathing polluted air is important. Reach out to one of our Cincinnati hood cleaning specialists and get an idea for how we can help you.

Hood Filter Cleaning Will Help Maintain Your Kitchen Exhaust System

Restaurant hood filters work as a trap that obstructs the oil and food debris from entering the exhaust vents and damaging the whole system. With a hood filter, the system will function as it should; the smoke and contaminated air will be fanned out leaving only breathable air inside. Luckily, Shiny Hood has the ability to examine and clean any type of hood filter.

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Shiny Hood is one of the biggest names known for offering commercial hood cleaning in Cincinnati, OH. We are one of the trusted service providers people go to when in need of professional restaurant cleaning. 

Our process:

  • Lay plastic sheetings or covering over kitchen appliances before dismantling the hood filter
  • Examine the vent hood filter and the intensity of grease build-up
  • Clean the insides of the exhaust vents and polish the hoods
  • Clean or replace the hood filter
  • Wash the exhaust fan
  • Mop the floor after the cleaning process is over

Professional hood filter cleaning service:

  • We are a crew of trained and skilled hood cleaners
  • Are flexible when coming up with solutions 
  • We can work on the time and date you are available
  • We follow maintenance schedules and cleaning documentation
  • Ensure that the cleaning services we offer will help you pass the inspection
  • We offer multiple options for our customers


Cincinnati, OH Restaurant Filter Cleaning Service

At Shiny Hood, we recognize the need to have a clean hood filter. The restaurant kitchen must always be ready to make delicious food for the customers, but clean and safe food preparation is not possible if the exhaust system is filled with grease. 

Depending on the state of the hood filter system we might determine to either replace the whole thing or perform a degreasing, non-abrasive cleaning procedure.

The hood filter maintenance we offer is considered a complementary service to other restaurant cleaning services we have such as the exhaust hood system cleaning. 


If you have decided to hire our restaurant cleaning company in Cincinnati, OH, talk with us. Otherwise, you can get more details regarding the complete kitchen cleaning services we have for customers in the Cincinnati, OH area.


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