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rooftop grease containment

As your roof grease containment experts, we are the company to call in Cincinnati, OH. We will perform superb roof grease control solutions that check off all of your requirements.


Roof grease containment is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly. Ensuring the health of customers and employees is required by local regulation. In fact, there are guidelines that businesses in the food industry must comply with. Collaborating with a specialist will allow you to obtain tried and tested solutions!

What Is Rooftop Grease Containment?

Our roof oil control solution does precisely what it claims – stops grease, fats, and food debris from spilling on the roof and damaging the whole exhaust hood system. We do this by carefully designing a plan of action that fits your needs and requirements. 

Basically, the system of roof grease containment we do depends upon the information our customers provide. Information like the quantity of food preparation, size of the kitchen, cooking equipment being used, and also the kind of gas you are utilizing will give us a better idea of the best grease containment method to use.

rooftop grease containment service

Once we have a better understanding of your cooking operations, our professionals will offer a customized control system that will flawlessly resolve your restaurant grease trap problems and eliminate future worries. 

The crew we will send your way will effectively locate any possible issues with the exhaust hood system and challenges that may arise during the process. It is extremely important that you have an ample system in your position to guarantee the safety of your employees and customers.

How Will Roof Grease Containment In Cincinnati, OH Benefit Your Business?

As a result of continuous food preparation, grease build-up and leakages will happen. The fumes and dirt trapped on the exhaust vents might find their way to the water supply and jeopardize the health of people. Creating a safety measure before any issues occur will not just ensure the architectural safety of the establishment, but ensure the safety of the people above all.


Guaranteeing that you have an exceptionally high-quality oil control system in position is important for your business. There are numerous advantages that you can benefit from.


  • It is not uncommon for employees and staff to make mistakes like not cleaning the cooking equipment, as well as the exhaust hood system thoroughly, leaving grease and oil lingering in the crevices and areas out of reach.

  • Unfortunately, mistakes like that can create bigger problems including fire threats. Moreover, leaving the grease build-up untouched will contribute to the substances that can damage the roofing membrane.

  • A sufficient system will certainly remove your worries. To safeguard the work environment, people, and to avoid any possible penalties from federal government bodies for contaminating public systems, you need to have a grease trap in place.

What Our Cleaning Restaurant Grease Traps Include

When you hire our experts and specialists, our crew will make a complete evaluation of your residential or commercial property, taking notes of the important aspects and information necessary for planning an approach. We will take into consideration all sorts of details like the quantity of usage of the food preparation centers, and also kinds of oil, fats, as well as the gas utilized.


Having actually offered excellent roof oil control functions to multiple residential homes and business establishments, you can rest assured that you are working with a reliable team that has a reputation for providing the best restaurant grease cleaning.


With this info, we certainly advise you that the ideal following action would be reaching out to our professionals. Talk with us and let us discuss our grease filter cleaning and grease hood cleaning services.

Rooftop Grease Trap Installation And Maintenance

As your Cincinnati, OH rooftop grease containment professionals, Shiny Hood has been serving the areas of our city for several years.

Besides our restaurant hood cleaning services, we are able to supply a long-lasting, as well as detailed, setup that will keep your business going for a long time!  Plus, our team will offer maintenance and support over the years.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with our experts and specialists now!

rooftop grease containment

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