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Shiny Hood has credibility for being one of the more ideal. We are highly qualified specialists located inserving hood cleaning services in Cincinnati, OH. who take exhaust hood cleaning seriously and also make certain the exhaust system is washed down.


As you might be aware, the exhaust system in cooking equipment is specifically designed to filter out oil, smoke, and various other fragments that drift in the air. The oil can quickly develop in the exhaust system, hence if not cleaned consistently, can create a fire risk.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Near You

Shiny Hood is the kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company to do business with!

Shiny Hood has a reputation for being one of the best hood cleaning companies in Cincinnati, OH. We take care of our clients their requirements are met. You can trust us to do excellent restaurant exhaust hood cleaning for your establishment.

Our team consists of experienced and skilled experts for hood cleaning In fact, they are trained on the best hood cleaning practices and educated about the national fire security criteria. We take hood cleaning in Cincinnati, OH seriously and make certain we clean the exhaust system diligently. 

Exhaust hoods that are used in a medium to a high volume of cooking accumulate more dirt and food debris, intense cleaning is necessary. We have seen some truly oily hoods!. Our service technicians have worked in numerous restaurants and understand the comprehensive work that needs to be done. 

Cincinnati, OH Exhaust Hood Cleaning Is A Must

As a hood cleaning service provider in Cincinnati, we are well aware of the significance of hiring a specialist, and not just someone who might be able to clean an exhaust hood. Having been in this business for several years, we are aware of the growing demand for

exhaust hood cleaning, especially for business establishments that must secure the health and wellness of their customers.

Counting on your cooks to deep clean the exhaust system may not be the best decision. They might be doing the best they can.  However, they do not have the proper training as well as the tools required

to eliminate debris and grease from the crannies of the exhaust system.

The National Fire Protection Association[NFPA] provides guidelines on how often you must have the hood cleaned. The suggestions are based on how often

the cooking area is used and the intensity of meal preparation is done.

Here are the guidelines:

  • If the kitchen is using strong gasses while food prepping, it is advised to have the exhaust hood cleaning done on a monthly basis
  • If your cooking area operates in high-volume like a twenty-four-hour center, frying pan food preparation, or charbroiling, it is suggested to have an exhaust hood cleaning done quarterly.
  • The NFPA advises on having an exhaust hood cleaned semi-annually if your cooking area does a low to medium quantity of food preparation or makes use of extremely little oil.
  • If your food establishment in Cincinnati, OH does a low quantity of food preparation like a seasonal organization, day camp, or church they suggest having an exhaust hood cleaning every year.

What You Can Expect From Our Exhaust Hood Cleaning In Cincinnati?

As you know, the exhaust system in a kitchen area is developed to strain oil, and smoke, as well as various other fragments that are drifting airborne. The oil can quickly accumulate in the exhaust system and unless cleaned up consistently, can become a fire risk. The oil that is lingering in the hood may warm and spark.

When we come onto your properties in Cincinnati, OH, this is what we do:

exhaust hood cleaning
  • Take pictures of the exhaust hood for documentation and analysis.
  • We will notify you promptly if there is any kind of repair work that needs to be done.
  • Set up safety precautions prior to cleaning such as laying plastic sheets to safeguard the devices or appliances under the exhaust system. 
  • We will use an ecologically FDA-approved degreaser to loosen the oil.
  • We get rid of dirt attached to the filters and use the degreaser when necessary.
  • We utilize pressure washers when getting rid of the grease.
  • Checking the roofing system and eliminating the oil from the generator 
  • When we are done we sanitize the exhaust system to provide a “fresh and clean” appearance.
  • We take photographs of the finished product.

The photos and documentation we create will be sent out to you by means of e-mail so you can show your inspector, insurance company, or fire marshal that proper and thorough exhaust hood cleaning has been performed.

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